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Work It Social is a leading Digital Marketing Agency based in Toronto. We work closely with local, national and international brands to create campaigns that evoke that 'wow factor.' We value the execution of fresh and innovative concepts that lead to impressive results.

Work It Social is more than just another agency - we are a community. We believe that being social comes down to the fundamentals: making that connection. Like a first date, we carefully screen and select our clients to confirm that spark. You may call it exclusive, we call it extraordinary. Discover the transformation - let's work it.



The digital marketing campaigns you wish you created from the people you want as friends.

Too many brands ignore the importance of developing an online presence, or even worse, create a presence without a plan. Joining social without strategy is like attending a dinner party without bringing a nice bottle of merlot - major FAUX PAS - but we see it, time and time again. Research shows that most people review a company online before making a decision - and we believe it! After all, would you REALLY visit an aesthetician or use a web designer who doesn’t have a solid reputation online? That's where we come in. Work It Social values creating meaningful connections and experiences for both our clients - and yours.

Digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective, efficient ways to spread your most important messages today. In fact, you’ll receive a higher return on investment at a fraction of the price that you would spend on traditional marketing and public relations. At Work It Social, we’re all about telling the story that matters and building those connections affordably - and that’s what will turn into tangible results that you can measure and campaigns you'll never forget.


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Christine Wolfl,

Founder and President

She's into: religiously watching Big Brother (livefeed, too, of course - fun fact, she made it to semi final auditions one season), cooking up a delicious meal, exploring our beautiful city and attempting to surf the waves of every ocean. 

President of Work It Social