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Work It Wednesday - Tyler Kostman

Hey there everyone!

We're in for another treat for #WorkItWednesday! From fashion to coffee shops, we find them all. Tyler Kostman jumped at an opportunity to turn a dream into a reality and we knew we had to profile him as one of our inspiring entrepreneurs. Listen in.

From being a real estate agent to co-owning Safehouse, he wanted to ensure this location would be everyones safe place and bring people together.

Not only do they have AMAZING coffee, they also have an iconic tiled floor featured on blogTO. It's #InstaPerfection and you can't leave without a photo. Naturally. Check out their page for drool-worthy pics: @safehousecoffeeto

1. How did your dream for owning a coffee shop begin?

The dream of owning a coffee shop came together quickly. I moved to an area that is booming with shops- Baddies, Cafe Neon, Hale, etc. I noticed the rapid growth of indie shops and specialty coffee in Toronto and I wanted in. I've always been into coffee, but only really got into the whole science of it after opening up Safehouse. I was in Real Estate. Being an Agent allowed me to have access to MLS listings and allowed us to secure our corner location. My friend Chris Faria, I knew was the first person to ask to look for with me, as he managed an Aroma franchise for a half decade and had experience in the food industry. We saw each other coincidentally at a Blue Jays game and the next day I messaged him about looking. It was his dream to open up a shop as well. We saw various locations, a few of which we were very close to taking. After viewing 1615 Dundas Street West the day before it went to MLS, we knew this would be the perfect spot. Superb location, good bones and a growing neighbourhood that at the time didn't have a shop from Dufferin to Brock.

3. What goals have you set for yourself for the next 5 years?

We hope to be a part of the growing community. Already we have seen a great response. Even if we play a tiny part in making the area more community friendly, bringing people together and contributing to the growth of Dundas West, thats a success.

6. What is one thing/quote that constantly keeps you going even on your worst days?

I'm a big sports guy so I would say I usually revert back to "what would Michael Jordan do?" He's got a rolodex of inspiring quotes, but my favourite is "I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed." You'll also find me quoting Jack Kerouac and Bob Dylan.

7. How do you and your team #workit on a daily basis?

We #workit on a daily basis through genuine engagement with our patrons and creating a fun atmosphere to get good vibes and great coffee.

8. Favourite type drink? - Coffee of course.

My favourite drink is a Long Black (termed in Australia)- a short Americano or Americano with less water. I believe its the perfect ratio of espresso to water and leaves a beautiful tiger stripe in the cup. Sans milk.

9. Hot or Cold?

I don't mind iced drinks every so often, but I normally go hot. Even in thirty degree heat I go hot. Don't they say it actually cools you down?

10. Go-to app?

Go-to app is MLB At Bat. I play fantasy baseball so I'm checking my players stats when I have a chance. Yes, I'm a nerd.

Thank you, Tyler, for giving us the inside look at your dream behind Safehouse and introducing us to Long Blacks! We applaud you for all your hard work and wish you the best of luck.

Don't forget to visit Safehouse on your next coffee trip in the six!

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