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The Top Ladies To Follow In Beauty

Ever wonder how on Earth some people can look so effortlessly perfect all the time? After spending years watching make-up tutorials on YouTube, trust me, it is nowhere near effortless. If you need some inspiration or just want to learn a thing or two, here are some ladies in beauty you should check out:


Let’s talk about TALENT! Christina is on some other planet when it comes to the artistry of make-up. She will shock you with the crazy things she can accomplish. Whether it is a regular make-up look or turning herself into Yoda or Pikachu, she is not only an incredible talent but an amazing teacher.

Christina shows her process, step-by-step, so you can do it just the same at home. Fall in LOVE with all of her Halloween tutorials and get ready to rock a gangster clown costume in October because she will definitely inspire you to step outside-of-the-box. She has a very edgy vibe that makes you want to be just as cool as her, with the different coloured hair or the giant sunglasses. I promise you, she will inspire you to #workit.


Tati Westbrook will never tell a lie and whether it is super high-end and expensive concealer or $3.00 lipstick from the drugstore, she always seems to find those hidden gems. Tati is a super hero when it comes to posting videos, somehow posting five days a week and every video is top-notch. She has a few series that are going on like OMG Tuesdays and her WTF Wednesdays. Her OMG videos are where she tests out weird products, while her WTF Wednesday videos give you a glimpse into that make-up you’ve always wanted to try but would rather be responsible and pay your bills. The best thing about Tati is that she takes you through the day as she tries out new make-up. So not only are you getting almost a little vlog type experience but you also get to see what happens to that make-up after she hits the gym or just runs some errands in the L.A. heat. Although she does love and try out lots of high end items, she mixes it up and shows everyone that you can find amazing products for super cheap and they become some of her favourites, and mine, because who doesn’t like saving some money.


For my dry skinned ladies and gents, Kathleen will save the day! It is impossible to find beauty products that work for all skin types but if your face is as dry as mine you need to sit down and watch some of Kathleen Fuentes’ videos. Kathleen is not afraid to show her Latina side and make everything about her videos fun and exciting (Sometimes I think she may drink a little too much of that Cuban coffee). She has become incredibly successful over the years with numerous collaborations with companies like Ofra and Colourpop and now with her own nail polish company KL Polish. Kathleen has so much passion and drive and it really shows in her videos and in her collabs. She is always herself and isn’t afraid to show you her emotions, whether it is about beauty products or her biggest fears and struggles in life. While beauty is her thing, you need to watch her Kat Chats videos if you want to either cry or pee your pants. This girl brings so much life into everything and pushes through all her fears and anxieties, there’s nothing that can hold Kathleen back.


Okay, let’s talk about this QUEEN. Jaclyn Hill is truly an inspiration to a lot of people, she occasionally slips in some personal stories while she does her make-up and from that we have learned she has definitely gone through a lot before her success on YouTube. Jaclyn proves to so many people that if you chase your dreams you can be successful, no matter who you are or where you came from. She is actually a glowing goddess - and if you want your highlight to shine for the gods and need some inspiration, Jaclyn is your girl. While she does keep her make-up looks more neutral, with some inspiration she occasionally slips in some colour. If you’re looking to be seen from space with your highlight try out Jaclyn’s collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, Champagne Pop, and you’re sure to be seen.


Keeping it in the 6ix is Rachel Cooper a full time mom and beauty YouTuber. If you’re looking for great opinions on products she is your go-to gal. She is always super honest and loves to rate products, with emojis which is super fun. She isn’t afraid to play with colour and try new looks, while most others stick to their neutrals. She finds a way to rock a blue lip and make it fun. While most beauty gurus shy away from talking about products they don’t like Rachel goes for it because she knows how much we want to avoid buying products we will hate, no one has the time or money for that experience. Rachel is really quirky and down to earth and she doesn’t only have a beauty channel, she also has a lifestyle/mommy channel. That channel (rachhloveslife) gives her viewers more of the personal side of Rachel and how on earth she manages to do everything she does and have time for her daughter Julia and her son Luke.

If there is one thing all these ladies have taught me, it is to not be scared to express myself through my make-up and to never doubt myself because one day my eyebrows will be twins and my winged eyeliner will be sharp enough to cut anyone. These ladies do nothing but #WORKIT and continue to inspire everyone around them.

Photo: Videezy

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