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Work It Wednesday - Rebecca Pilozo

Hey there, peeps!

We're excited to release this next post for #WorkItWednesday featuring Rebecca Pilozo. This amazing woman shows us the true definition of perseverance and making your dreams a reality.

From her gorgeous photos on her Instagram page to her beauty channel on YouTube - you don't want to miss a beat. She's killing the game!


1. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Sophia Amoruso. She's a remarkable example of someone who continues to build up her opportunities from nothing and that's inspiring to me!

2. Did she have a big impact on your choice of career?

I've always loved the beauty and media industry so perhaps not but she did ignite a fire in me to work harder for my dreams after reading her first novel.

3. Name three things you’ve learned since 2017 and how do you plan on continuing to learn from them?

Always be patient, always make time for those you love and lastly balance is key to a happy life. I think today we can get caught up in drowning our lives in work and regardless of whether we love what we do or not, too much of anything can become overwhelming and result in me not giving it my all in my work.

4. What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

I landed my first job at a burrito restaurant at the age of 15. It definitely wasn't for me... like I'm almost certain I didn't last three months!

5. Raisins or Chocolate Chips?

Definitely chocolate chips!

6. Favourite travel destination?

Barcelona, everywhere you go is simply breathtaking and beautiful.

7. Go-to app?

Pinterest is one of my go-to apps for everything. I use it while I'm at the grocery store looking for recipes, at the gym for workouts or even when I'm seeking inspiration.

8. Quote that keeps you going even on your worst days?

"There are secret opportunities hidden in every failure." - Sophia Amoruso

I look back now and realize why perhaps some things I wanted in life didn't work out. Aside from the common trend of feeling disappointed, I later discovered the silver lining to why each opportunity wasn't fitting for me, so I've learned to accept when things don't happen in that moment for me, it's simply not meant to be.

9. Favourite memory of all-time since you started your career?

In my final year of college, I had a bucket list of stories I wanted to cover before I graduated, that including writing about a show in New York Fashion Week.

Somehow I scored a ticket to a Canadian designers show out in New York for their winter/fall show and had a friend who was willing to experience the opportunity with me. I look back at the moment and realize it was one of the most spontaneous things i'd ever done. It made me so happy and continues to inspire me to continue working towards opportunities that will take me outside of Canada.

Thank you to Rebecca for taking the time to be interviewed by us! It was a pleasure.

'Till next time lovelies,

- The Work It Social Team

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