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The Rise of the Microinfluencer

If your brand is in need of some extra promotion, it’s time you start considering influencer marketing. Here are some tips on finding the best influencer for your brand...

  1. Start your hunt by looking for someone with interests related to your brand who can represent your products well.

  2. Review their followers and truly understand if they represent the demographic you’re looking for (HINT: fake influencers often purchase followers and engagement, so be sure to keep an eye out for that, too!)

  3. Most important factor? See if your chosen influencer wants to promote the product. Influencer marketing should be a two-way street to ensure it works well for both parties!

Soon, we’ll introduce to you the new kid on the block: micro-influencers. These ‘mini influencers’ are taking over and it’s time you find out why they could be beneficial for your brand. But first..

What is an Influencer?

An influencer is a social media user who has a great impact on others, generally based on their following. Influencers are valued on the number of followers, comments and likes received per post. These statistics matter. Look at your Instagram feed and tell us you don’t trust people with lots of followers for their opinions. They must know something, right?

Most influencers have more than a million followers. Some popular examples? The Kardashians and Jenners. Millions are watching their every move, paying close attention to what they’re eating, what they’re wearing or what products they’re using on their face. But good luck if you want them to promote your products: you’ll need to pull out the big bucks for that.

What is a Micro-Influencer?

If you are on a tighter budget, but still looking to create relationships with those with sufficient social media reach, it’s time to think micro-influencers. These influencers still rank high on influence but have a smaller following. It could be that social chameleon who turned friends into followers overnight, or simply someone starting out on YouTube, who is just SO relatable! A micro-influencer has a following of less than a million.

Benefits of Micro-Influencers

Companies aim to be able to get influential people to promote their products and the influencers will make some money. But why should you choose to partner with a micro-influencer?

Cost: The more followers you have, the more you will be paid. This means micro-influencers are a more affordable option, especially for startups and small businesses working with a limited marketing budget.

Relatability: Many people look up to these huge influencers and follow their every move in hopes of being like them, but a micro-influencer is more relatable because they resemble someone you might know in real life. It is easier for people to envision themselves in the shoes of a micro-influencer.

Engagement: A micro-influencer is able to engage more with their audience because, with a small audience, they’re easier to reach. With a smaller following it is easier to read all the comments and tweets and be able to reply. With an influencer, there are thousands if not millions of people to reply to, which makes it nearly impossible.

Locality: Your follower base generally first includes personal connections and then spreads in your geographical region. A micro-influencer will be able to share with more people locally, so if your business is opening up in Toronto, it would be beneficial to use a micro-influencer that is a Toronto native in order to promote it.

Loyalty: If you are paying someone small who likes to work with you, they’ll stick with you. This is awesome because it is quite possible that their follower count will increase and they will still want to work with you because you have helped them, too.

Keep your eyes peeled for Toronto’s very own micro-influencers

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