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Work It Wednesday - Danielle Houston

We have another #hamont shoutout! We know how passionate all of you are so this definitely can't disappoint. Danielle Houston has set herself up for utmost success in the beauty and entrepreneurship world.

From STAGE to LIPS, this amazing woman is breaking down walls and making a name for herself.


1. Let’s start off with the basics, give us the details on the life of Danielle.

I’m 27 and am a pretty simple person! Entrepreneurship is in my blood, so it was only a matter of time before I started something up. Other than running BY DANILEA, I am currently renovating my house in beautiful Dundas, Hamilton, practicing lots of yoga and trying to spend lots of time with the people that I love. I am also very passionate about sustainability and health!

2. What sparked “BY DANILEA”?

In some shape or form, BY DANILEA was brewing for many years before launch, seven years to be exact! BY DANILEA is the business, with two different brands: LIPS and STAGE. LIPS is an online lip line for the everyday #uanpologeticallybold beauty and STAGE is a service-backed makeup line specializing in customized makeup kits for performance teams. STAGE is where it all started, I saw an exciting opportunity in the performance industry that I knew I had to fill, eventually.

I went off to university and dabbled in some other industries, before returning to my true calling! LIPS was then developed as I began building what I wanted my brand to be. I wanted a line that I could empower women and men (we are gender-inclusive) to feel bold, beautiful and brave; and what better product than the one that most beauties have in their hand bag.

3. What has been the biggest obstacle to overcome so far owning your own business?

There have been many challenges I have had to face while owning BY DANILEA, and I have come to learn they will not end! I am beginning to see myself more as a professional problem solver, than anything else. One of the most constant obstacles I face is time management; there is tons to do, while owning your own business, and being a one woman show.

Over the last couple of years, I have learned to prioritize and schedule. Schedule everything. Oh, and also understand myself and when I am most efficient. I no longer schedule in my creative tasks first thing in the morning, because well, I am most creative in the afternoon!

4. Would you do anything differently?

Although I appreciate the timing of my business launch, the only thing I would change is to have started earlier. The idea was there, but the effort wasn’t, until it was; but I wish I realized the potential and the opportunity earlier in my 20s. Other than that, no! I am really grateful for the process, the learning curves, and all the bumps and winding roads in between. To anyone on the verge of starting something up, my advice is to just start, because timing is irrelevant.

5. Favourite memory since opening your company?

This is probably one of the hardest questions because there have been so many special moments for me. So, I’ll give you two. Last year, at one of my summer markets, a customer approached the LIPS booth and said ‘Finally, I found you. I came to this market because you guys were going to be here.’ That was really special. That we were on the map, maybe just in a small way but we were there, and that we had a customer (that we didn’t know) seek us out!

The next, is seeing photos of our customers rocking the LIPS line and hearing fantastic stories of wearing shades outside of their comfort zone. It is the best when a customer tells me, they couldn’t imagine wearing a certain shade but now they love it. Best. compliment. ever.

6. Favourite app?

Hands down, planoly. It has been life changing for managing my business IG accounts and creating feeds I am proud of. They have free and paid versions, so there is no excuse to not have this one!

7. Favourite motivational quote and why?

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’ by Neale Donald Walsch

This has been my business mantra, from almost day one, and it’s because it is so true. I find the magic happens, when you push yourself, when you surprise yourself, when you try something new and when you take risks. I see it time and time again, when I go that extra mile, that may not feel natural to me, is when everything starts to evolve into something bigger and better.

8. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

Right now, being yoga obsessed I would love to travel to India and dig deep into the practice; learn more about its origin and roots. Otherwise, I am a big homebody, and just love exploring my own surroundings.

9. If you could speak to anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

I have a couple of crushes on some bad ass women. Would be super stoked to speak with Sophia Amoruso of Girl Boss and Nasty Gal, and Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss!

10. How do you and your team #workit every day?

Currently, I am trying to master being crazy efficient during work hours and then really break, when I am breaking. No in-between and no guilt in time off. It’s really challenging as an entrepreneur (especially in the early stages) to allow yourself down time; so I #workit everyday by committing 100% to either.

We could not be more excited for the future of By Danilea! If you haven't checked out her products, there is no time like the present. Entrepreneurship is alive and well, peeps! Feed on the inspiration and keep making your dreams a reality.

- Work It Social Team

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