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Work It Social Takes Los Angeles

Everyone needs a little vacation once in awhile and in sunny Los Angeles, California, you can work hard and play hard, too! Our President, Christine, has found a way to go somewhere new but take Work It Social with her - talk about #GIRLBOSS. I caught up with Christine to see how she continues to #WORKIT in beautiful LA.

What are your packing essentials?

While travelling, it can be easy to lose control while packing - stuffing those bags with everything and anything! Christine dishes in her travel must haves:

“I absolutely can’t leave home without my cell phone - a must have for any social media manager. After all, it’s important to be able to engage on the spot to provide the best customer service possible. I’m lucky because my laptop allows me to work anywhere so those two are the essentials. The beauty items? Let’s start with Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood, it’s best to go with a neutral and go figure with the name! A solid pair of black pumps that go with everything is a must - i’m digging these lace up chunky feels from Target right now (budget-friendly, too!) And let’s not forget the backup portable charger - what would we do if we couldn’t capture those Instagram Stories?”

Why Los Angeles?

How do you determine your next vacation spot? There are so many different places to see and be seen, but there are only so many places that can help you clear your mind AND build your business.

For Christine, last year's trip to LA (her first!) sparked some love with both the weather and the opportunities the city had to offer. “This is where dreams come true and it’s the perfect spot to get inspired by other entrepreneurs in order to grow my own business,” she said.

Who would be your dream celebrity to run into?

Los Angeles is flooded with celebrities and I can only imagine what it would be like to run into your idol on the street. Christine has been lucky enough to already have run into some of her favourite reality TV stars.

“This might sound a little crazy (laughs), but as a reality TV aficionado, I am OBSESSED with Vanderpump Rules. My teammate, Peter, and I, attended an event at SUR Restaurant last week and I got the chance to talk to several of the cast members. It was a ton of fun seeing what everyone was like in person. I’m not necessarily phased by celebrities, but I think it would be awesome to meet some casting directors and pick their brains about why they choose actors for the roles that they do.”

What do you hope to accomplish from this trip?

While relaxing and exploring may be top priority for most people while travelling, Christine has some other plans on what to see. She continues to keep Work It Social at the top of the list while she networks everywhere she goes.

“It’s always important as an entrepreneur to be on your A-game. Bring business cards and rock that favourite outfit, you never know who you will meet,” she said. “I hope to get inspired by other success stories so that I can make Work It Social the absolute best it can be for my clients.”

From brunch to pool parties, Christine is always looking out to make that mutually beneficial connection. After all, “Who knows who we’ll be helping with social next!”

What did you do for Memorial Day?

It must be nice to experience some different holidays while travelling and one we don’t have in Canada is Memorial Day. I know we’ve all seen some crazy pictures of how people like to celebrate - and Christine had the opportunity to experience it first-hand!

Starting the party off with the Land of the Free Memorial Day Weekend Pool Party at The Hollywood Roosevelt. “It’s an old Hollywood spot to see and be seen. You might even spot a celebrity or two during the week.”

Then, she headed over to a private rooftop bar with DJ friends, Loud Luxury. And of course, she ended the weekend with a little sun and fun at Fiesta Hermosa in Hermosa Beach.

How do you balance work and play in a new place?

Juggling business and personal life can already be challenging, but imagine throwing in a new city? How does she do it?

“It’s not easy! There is always something fun to enjoy in Los Angeles, from sunrise spin at CycleHouse to an evening out at Street Food Cinema to that underground show at The Dime, it’s hard to not want to soak in every hour. You have to be disciplined to stay focused - and find some coworking spots and cafes to get inspired helps to get the job done!”

Favourite place you’ve eaten?

The gastronomy is REAL in Los Angeles - and it was definitely hard for Christine to pick just one of her favourite places she’s eaten, so she gave us a list!

  1. Madera Kitchen (Hollywood): After all, you can’t go wrong with delicious brunch and unlimited bottomless mimosas, can you?

  2. Pump Restaurant Lounge (West Hollywood): After a long work day, who doesn’t appreciate a strong, happy hour beverage? Plus, the tempura shrimp is a favourite.

  3. Four Daughters (North Manhattan Beach): If you’re looking for a relaxed vibe right by the beach, this casual hole-in-the-wall is the spot for you.

  4. Catch LA (West Hollywood): This new hot spot is normally impossible to get into after 7:00 p.m., but we luckily snagged the 10 spot!

  5. Lemonade (Across LA): I have 99 problems and choosing which delicious option to settle on in this California-style modern cafeteria is ALL of them

Christine is definitely #WORKINGIT in Los Angeles, but we look forward to seeing her back in Toronto soon! In the meantime, Work It Social is seeking new clients across Los Angeles. Does that sound like you? Be sure to contact us.

Photos: Peter Kaniuk

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