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How to be Productive on a Rainy Day

It can be nearly impossible to do anything but wrap up in a blanket, flick on Netflix and crack open a bottle of wine on a rainy day. Then comes the dreaded feeling: you accomplished absolutely nothing today! But how do you even manage to get yourself motivated enough to get to work?! Work It Social is there to motivate you every step of the way, after all, we all feel a little lazy sometimes.

1. Start The Day Off Right

If you want to avoid feeling unproductive, start by giving yourself a little extra energy. Forget that unhealthy breakfast you might be craving and start with a fresh pot of coffee and a well-balanced breakfast with some fruit and vegetables, instead! The vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables will help you feel productive naturally. A bonus? That healthy fiber will ensure you won’t start the day feeling bloated and sluggish! When you feel good, you’ll be more willing to accomplish those big things!

2. Have a Plan

Most of us understand the importance of a schedule. After all, if you have your responsibilities written down, it’s quite hard to forget something. I have an awful memory so for me, lists work best. It’s helpful to start out your day with goal-setting, with the most urgent and important things that need to be done at the top. Once you start checking things off the list, stress just dwindles away.

It’s hard to avoid checking off those boxes when they’re included on a list. Since you cannot avoid doing it, it all gets done faster. The best part of getting everything done faster is that you get to lounge around with Netflix and that delicious VQA red (we like Small Talks “Goodnight” Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot)… guilt-free! So, we encourage you: make a plan, get it done and most importantly, #WORKIT

3. Find Inspiration

Sometimes it can be a challenge to feel motivated on any given day, not just a gloomy one. My trick is to watch TED Talks. Watching people who are so passionate about what they do can really inspires me to #workit and can inspire you to successfully set both short and long-term goals. Sometimes in order to reach for the stars, someone has to point you in the right direction.

4. Avoid Distractions

This can be the hardest of them all! Trust me, i’ve taken several Youtube breaks writing this alone. It can be very difficult to silence out all the distractions around you, especially if you’re working from a computer. Anything and everything is just a Google search away. The key to avoiding distractions is to push through the first few minutes, because once you get into your rhythm, it is a lot easier to keep pushing forward without stopping to check Twitter.

5. Treat Yourself

Once everything gets checked off your list, I promise you’ll feel accomplished. There is nothing more rewarding than achieving those goals. Productive days can help you feel empowered to continue to motivate yourself to be better than the day before. This way, rain or shine, nothing will be able to hold you back or put you in a bad mood. So sit down and treat yourself, because on this rainy day, you kicked butt!

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