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Why Managing your Social Media In-House is Hurting you

Every business starts out with just a handful of people and costs can add up quickly. It can be challenging and time-consuming to do everything yourself - and social media should not be an area that you should tackle solo. After all, social media is your window to the outside world, it is what creates your brand! Now, let's get to it, the reasons why handling your social media in-house is hurting you.

You are too attached

It can be difficult to let go of any part of your company when you work so hard to build it from the ground up. You treat it like your child and just like your child it is hard to let someone else have control over it. You can be blinded by what your vision is without taking anyone else’s into consideration, but that can end badly! A social media manager is able to detach from the emotional connection and see a bigger picture, offering some suggestions that might be different than anything you may think of yourself.

It takes up a lot of time

It may seem easy to simply post randomly, but if you want it done right, there is always a strategy. To be successful, you need to know the best time and frequency to post based on your followers. Tracking that alone can be time-consuming, especially since engaging can be a full time job in itself when comments can be posted 24/7. It can be nearly impossible to run a business and be constantly present on social media. It is better to put all your effort into mastering one thing rather than sacrificing in order to juggle multiple tasks.

You can’t catch every mistake

I know we’ve all seen those epic fail posts, where a company or person misspells something and it goes horribly wrong. One little mistake can go viral on social media and possibly ruin your reputation, so it is CRITICAL to to BE CAREFUL! It can take a lot of restraint to stop yourself from going on a long Twitter rant or avoid lashing back at people making rude comments, but it is always best to back away. Sometimes it can be hard to see that something may be misinterpreted or offensive. It is always best to have someone take a second look at any post you make, or just stick with a professional that is trained to catch these things.


Maintaining a consistent voice is just as important as posting consistently. A social media manager will be able to establish a voice for all social media platforms to ensure every post is in tune with the brand and the brand’s values. Consistency is also very important when trying to stay on trend. Someone running social media needs to constantly know what’s new and hot to stay relevant. Trust me, it’s not an easy job, there is something new everyday!

Stressed for time? What to build a better following? Is social media turning into too much work? That’s what Work It Social is here for, contact us if you need some help!

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