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Work It Wednesday - Melissa Marinucci

The Work It Social team is back to our regular Work It Wednesday feature and we're thrilled to do an exciting new shoutout to Melissa Marinucci! Let's dive right into the questions we asked her and her awesome insights about life, work and what really inspires her to #workit!

1. First off, tell us about YOU. Who is Melissa Marinucci?

My name is Melissa and I am the face behind @canyoucarrymybags which is a fashion and lifestyle Instagram account and YouTube channel! I started this account years ago when I was still in university for business. Once I graduated a year ago, I started doing it consistently.

2. What inspired you to become one of the city's up-and-coming vloggers?

My mom always told me that I should be on YouTube because I talk too much and that it would be a good outlet for me (cameras have no choice to listen to you)... and she was right! I love it.

3. How do you keep your Instagram feed looking fresh and exciting? Share some tips with us!

I like to post a lot of fashion and outfit pictures and videos with my own sense of style. I also enjoy the pretty things in life such as flowers, nature, and delicious food. I also love to feature my favourite wine of the month (or week if you watch my Instagram stories) I have a huge love for wine and I definitely want to feature more of it on my channel in the future.

4. What are your plans for the near future and where do you see yourself in five years?

I work as a digital nomad, so I can work anywhere in the world. In August, I will be travelling to Portugal, Spain, and Italy. So my viewers can definitely expect to see many pictures and videos of my journey. I want to travel a lot more consistently in the upcoming years.

5. Where do you get inspiration for your content?

My inspiration comes from my surroundings. I love going to new restaurants and exploring new areas. I try to surround myself with things that I love and that make me happy. Since I work from home as a digital nomad, my environment is so important to my daily creativity.

6. What has been the most exciting part about growing your brand?

Growing my brand has been really fun because I have gotten the opportunity to work with many different companies and I have met a lot of amazing people. I also have gotten the opportunity to try a lot of different products which is super fun!

7. Your favourite app?

My favourite app is definitely Instagram! I spend hours scrolling through it everyday. Do you want to be featured on our next Work It Wednesday? Be sure to contact us at!

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