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Test the Waters of the Viral World

Whether it’s the dress, Salt Bae or a video of some dude eating a picture of Jason Segel’s face, something is always going viral and catching the attention of social media users. You might ask: how did this SILLY thing go viral? The point is, no matter what or how crazy it is, it went viral and you need to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!

There is nothing wrong with using someone’s spontaneous fame to stay relevant. They are really just giving you a way to engage in a topic and take advantage of something cute or silly.

Why Would I Use a Viral Meme?

You never want to seem outdated. Staying true to your brand can be hard while trying to keep up, but tossing in an appropriate and relatable viral memes or videos will help you stay on trend. It can be a full Instagram post, a tweet or even just a caption relating to the #TrendOfTheWeek. One post done right and the memory can last a while for your company (and will be seen by many through tons of awesome retweets and shares!) Your interpretation of that viral post could even help yours go viral, it’s a win-win!

There are thousands of Instagram pages dedicated to memes receiving hundreds of thousands of likes and comments themselves. Sometimes people are just looking for an extra giggle and there’s nothing wrong with putting a smile on someone’s face while getting your message across.

How Do I Use A Viral Meme?

When using a meme, you want to make sure that your audience will understand your goal immediately. There is nothing worse than having to explain the punchline of a joke! So, if you decide to take advantage of Drake dancing to Hotline Bling or the cat doing the handshake with its owner, make sure you make sure you follow a few simple rules:

- Put your brand's personal twist on it.

- Find a way to relate it to your brand without losing its original feel.

- Keep it funny, it will attract more attention.

- If you’re feeling extra motivated, find a way to collaborate with the original meme creator.

- Keep this type of promotion or marketing on the same platform(s) where it went viral in the first place.

And a few things we suggest you should avoid:

DO NOT overdo it. You do not want to seem like that parent at the party trying to stay hip (keyword: trying)

DO NOT rush it. It is good to try and stay on trend but if it’s not good quality, don’t put it out there. Quality matters, always.

DO NOT get political. You do not want to make your target audience uncomfortable by supporting a strong opinion that some followers may not agree with.

It takes practice making a perfectly funny and relatable post based on a current viral fad, but it can be done. When it is done right you will know. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, the possibilities for success are endless.

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