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Work It Wednesday - Brennan Michael

This week, we're mixing it up with something different - literally! Meet Brennan Michael, Perfumer + Designer. He's always experimenting with new scents and products to create something wonderful. But he'll let you know all that himself..

1. First off, share a little about YOU. Who IS Brennan Michael?

I am a perfumer that loves to create. I am from Prince Edward Island but have lived in Toronto for the past decade. I have a perfumery workshop in downtown Toronto where I do my work.

2. Tell us about your journey. How did you become a perfumer and designer in Toronto?

I started by making candles as a hobby. I found that people loved scent and it was a great medium to connect and inspire. Now I am bottling perfumes and designing scents for my new personal lines and for big brands which is very exciting.

3. How do you get the word out about your brand?

Instagram, word of mouth and local stores. Honestly, word of mouth is still the most powerful.

4. Describe your style and aesthetic for us.

Clean, contemporary, modern, personal and polished, but not overly.

5. Why is a good perfume important? What does it say about someone?

It’s that extra layer of consideration to your wardrobe and the way you present yourself. Your scent whether it be simple or complex, tells people how you think and feel. It’s a language that isn’t easily verbally articulated but is commonly understood.

6. We're curious about your life. What's a typical day look like for a perfumer?

Mixing, of course! Walking, reading, meditating, meetings, socializing. Everything to do with scent. I can walk for 2-3 hours a day in Toronto and still not get tired of it.

7. Where do you find inspiration for your scents?

Everywhere. On the street with friends or family. Reading. Getting a new oil in the mail.

8. What do you think makes you stand out compared to others in your industry?

I am another voice with another perspective. Everyone’s work is different because of the way they tweak the notes. Similarly to singing, you can take the exact same notes as someone else and sing them differently. My work is based on what I love and what I think other people will want to keep sniffing. My personality comes through in every piece of work. I like my work to be bold and stand out, but also be soft, fun, on trend and consistent.

9. Let's say we're in the market to find a new scent. Any tips you can share to help someone find the right scent for them?

Ask your friends or family what they wear. Maybe go to a store and try a few out. Also ask a significant other what they like. There are no rules to fragrance, in fact a lot of people I know mix finished perfumes together.

10. How do you #workit everyday?

I fill my days full of interesting and difficult tasks. I get to meet with amazingly creative people running businesses and brands. I like to exercise all of the time, go for walks, read. I love audiobooks, podcasts and world news while I work in my workshop. I’m always connected to my work, connected to others and to the world.

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