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Six Books To Step Up Your Entrepreneur Game in 2018

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, self-development and constant learning should be prioritized. And what better way to step up your entrepreneur game than by learning from people who've ALREADY built successful businesses?

We got a few of our entrepreneur friends together and asked them what business books were on their reading list for 2018. Here's what they shared!

This book a cult following of its own and is on all the major reading lists - and it should be on yours, too! Simon Sinek is a leadership guru, motivational speaker (hello TED Talks!), and an international bestselling author. In Start With Why, Sinek breaks down the commonalities amongst great leaders and inspiring organizations, and discovered that it all starts with the question, “WHY?” This book is fundamental if you want to learn how to lead, motivate, and inspire others to be part of your mission.

We're pretty excited about this one! Whether you’re a fan of Nike or not, you can’t deny the brand’s immutable power and legendary status. In Shoe Dog, we get an inside look into what it took to build Nike from the ground up, the challenges along the way, and most importantly, the lessons. This is essential reading for any business owner and is sure to leave you inspired.

Laura Vanderkam is the author of I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make The Most Of Their Time and What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast - and every book we’ve read of hers is killer. In 168 hours, Vanderkam interviews highly successful, happy people and breaks down their key habits. After reading this book, you’ll walk away with practical and actionable strategies to work more effectively, better manage your energy levels, and get things DONE. Better yet, you’ll learn how to make time for the people and things that really matter.

This may not be the most obvious choice to put on a list of top business books, but hear us out. We know how the #entrepreneurlife is - time is scarce, stress is high, and oftentimes, you feel like a hamster running in a wheel. The Happiness Project is soul food as much as it is brain food. Rubin packs the book full of interesting facts and research, while still being a lighthearted read. You'll get ideas on how you can better organize your time, work more productively, and fill up your day with more happiness. By the end of it, you'll be so inspired to undertake your own happiness project (you may even have a smile on your face!).

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert (author of the renowned book Eat, Pray, Love) talks about how we can develop the courage to live a creative life. But don’t be fooled - this book isn’t just for the artsy, creative types. As Gilbert wrote, “if you’re alive, then you’re a creative person.” And we agree. As an entrepreneur, how many sleepless nights have you had with new ideas ricocheting around in your head? Big Magic is a guide on how to overcome your fears and live more creatively. So whether you consider yourself as creative as Picasso or as dull as a potato, this is a must-read.

We’re big fans of Ramit Sethi over here. Every blog post and book he writes is jam packed with value, and Your Move is no different. In this book, Sethi shares the lessons he learned on his journey from underdog to millionaire - how he transformed the personal finance blog he started when he was 22 years old into a business with half a dozen employees, and eventually into an 8-figure-a-year company. If you want to learn from one of the best, this book should definitely be on your list!

What about you? What’s on your reading list this year? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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