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Work It Wednesday - Aram Eginliyan

Showcasing a classic style and wardrobe bursting with chic finds, Aram Eginliyan's feed had us captivated from the moment we found it. This week's Work It Wednesday feature has deemed himself - quite appropriately - "The Debonair Dude", and his refined take on city style is quickly garnering global attention. We snuck in for a quick chat somewhere in between his stops from Paris to New York City, and couldn't be more grateful that we did!

Aram recalls his journey with enthusiasm, gratitude and modesty, but what he won't tell you is that this rising sensation in the fashion industry is one to watch. See for yourself!

1. First off, tells us about yourself! Who is Aram Eginliyan?

Being Aram isn’t just one thing. I’ve been wearing many hats for a while now and I absolutely love the different aspects of who I am and what I do! First off, I’m a freelance wardrobe stylist and personal shopper at Yorkdale’s Style Experience Program. I’m also a men’s style blogger and content creator contributor and now am also a one of two Canadians enrolled as a student in the first ever edition of the Elle International Fashion and Luxury Management Program in collaboration with Elle Magazine International and MIT. In simpler terms, I’m a style and fashion lover to my very core and love the many different avenues of fashion I’ve been able to step into!

2. We’re so impressed with your many roles; a contributor (for Work It Wednesday alumni Daniel Reyes’ blog, Do The Daniel), just recently a full-time student, and most notably a blogger for your own venture, The Debonair Dude! What advice do you have for others pursuing their passions?

Thank you so much! As I mentioned, I love the role of wearing so many different hats in the world of fashion and it’s given me so much not only professionally but also taught me so much about myself individually and who I am as a person. When it comes to pursuing your passions, my piece of advice would be to understand the love and passion you have for what you do and apply that passion into everything you do, whether it’s relatable to your passion or not. People are drawn to others who demonstrate passion and if you apply that passion to where it should be applied properly, things will come together. Five years ago, I never thought I would be doing as much as I do in the world of fashion and I truly wouldn’t be where I am without the passion I had for what I do.

3. What’s your favourite part about being in the fashion industry?

Being part of the fashion industry is so different than any other industry I’ve ever been in, or have ever been exposed to. My favourite part without a doubt, has to be that it’s so evolutionary and always changing. There’s always something new or innovative coming out faster than any other industry, and that fast paced change is something that always stimulates my creativity and what inspires me as a creative!

4. You’re quite the traveller - which destination do you feel had the biggest impact on your personal style?

I am! I absolutely LOVE to travel and think I’ve actually caught the worst travel bug there is. But that’s not necessarily the worst problem to have ha ha! Travel plays such an important role in my creative inspiration that everywhere I go, whether it be my favourite place I’ve ever been or not, I always find myself in a wave of new creativity every time I come back home after travelling. That being said, I think the most inspirational or influence-heavy trip that has played the biggest role in my personal style had to be my first ever trip that really started it all for me. That was my first ever solo trip (right after I finished high school) to Istanbul, which not only taught me so much about style and the way style plays such a different role depending on where you are in the world, but also taught me so much as an adult and the way I wanted to live my life going forward which without a doubt played a vital role in my personal style at the time and even all the way to where we are today!

5. What’s one game-changing article of clothing necessary for anybody looking to upgrade their wardrobe?

Thats a great question and it can often be difficult to say because personal style ranges based on so many different factors, but I think one thing that every person - whether male or female, whatever age they may be - is a well-fitted, comfortable white tee because it’s an essential piece that can be dressed up or dressed down in a flash. My motto is “When it doubt, white tee it out!”

6. Let's share the love! What are your favourite Toronto feeds to follow for style inspo?

Love it! Toronto creatives and influencers, in my opinion are so extremely talented and inspire me so much! As you know I contribute for Do the Daniel and Daniel and Catherine are both amazing, and what they do is so inspirational and so innovative especially in the world of influencing and blogging. Some others that are so talented and definitely have great style are Didier of @didieryhc, Abdulla of @absdulla and Marcel of One Dapper Street! These men are all so different in the way they dress and build/ create content, but all offer such a unique and refreshing perspective in what they do!

7. What’s next for The Debonair Dude?

That’s a great question and one that I don’t get too often, so thank you for asking that! It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s next because you never exactly know what life is going to throw at you, but I can say after coming back from my module in Paris I am working on a big secret project which is going to hopefully change the way people see and have access to Canadian fashion and see the incredible talent of Canadian designers and brands on an international level. I’m very excited and ready to get cracking on this project and looking forward to also wearing a hat in a field I’ve never been too involved in before - tech.

8. How do you #workit everyday?

I seriously love all of these questions so much. The way I #workit everyday is to always stay inspired and that doesn’t necessarily have to come from the world of fashion. I’m inspired by everything an anything, the way a colour of skirt sits on a certain skin tone or the way two colours sit together on a display shelf, even a painting or the emotions a good book brings out. The way I see it is inspiration keeps my creativity alive, if my creativity is alive and well lit so is my passion for everything I do and if the passion is ready to be applied then great things are bound to happen!

A huge thanks to Aram for taking some time to speak with us. We absolutely love following his journey, and know you will too! Follow his Instagram @arameginliyan - you'll be glad you did.

Photos courtesy of Aram Eginliyan

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