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Work It Wednesday - Temi Shobowale

When we came across Temi Shobowale (AKA Temi Marie), we were greeted with a space where selflessness and intention reign supreme, and we immediately knew we had to get to know her journey this Work It Wednesday. Follow along as she builds communities of empowered individuals through her many talents including - but certainly not limited to - beauty, wellness and event planning. You'll be better for it!

1. First off, tell us about yourself! Who is Temi Marie? What’s the story behind HERDAY?

Temi Marie is a multifaceted individual - a humanitarian, women’s right advocate and professional beauty expert. I created HERDAY in 2015 with one goal in mind - to curate spaces that create an ambience of a "home away from home" where tribes of women can gather to have authentic conversations. I strongly believe that we can make an impact in our communities through the practices of self-love.

2. We so admire that your life’s work revolves around connecting and uplifting others, whether it’s through your makeup artistry or your mission through the HERDAY series of events. Any tips on building an empowered and supportive community?

i. Make sure your intention for creating a community is a selfless one.

ii. Be authentic - do not fake the funk.

iii. Embrace inclusivity without any “trendy” limitations.

3. How do you feel you’ve grown as a result of connecting with HERDAY participants and panelists? I must say, I have grown so much spiritually as a result of connecting with the HERDAY tribe - being able to come together and genuinely connect has allowed me to build trust in myself and in others.

4. We can imagine that in being an entrepreneur (and such a multi-faceted one at that!), there are new challenges to face every single day. What keeps you grounded in your mission in such a fast-paced world?

As an introvert (believe it or not), living such a fast-paced lifestyle has taught me how to adapt well to my surroundings. I’ve learned to be very protective of my energy and to be aware of what kind of situations and/or environments I give my power to. I view challenges as hidden lessons that are meant to keep me motivated. 5. You put such a great personal touch into everything you share online. What has it been like to build your business in the public eye?

a. I am a bit of a private individual but I understand the purpose of being able to connect with others online. I feel that it's very important to live in your truth.

b. My brand values are based off my personal values and my personal interests led to the creation of my businesses - Temi Marie is HERDAY and ‘Everyday is HERDAY’ for me.

6. Let’s share the love! Who are some Toronto entrepreneurs and game-changers that we should be following? Here are 5 Instagram accounts of Torontonian game-changers & brands that I love: i. @Coach.Carey

ii. @Meghanyuriyoung

iii. @karylnpercil

iv. @blushandbloom

v. @Hudaalvi

7. What’s next for you? A lot! Here are a few things that I am happy to share with all - launching the Temi Marie skincare essentials line, dropping a few podcast episodes and building on the HERDAY teen wellbeing workshops.

8. How do you #workit every day? I #workit everyday by living in my truth through spreading love and insight to whomever I cross paths with online and offline that are open to receiving it.

Thanks to Temi for spending some time discussing her journey with us. We're eager to see where her journey takes her next (and following along every step of the way)! Be sure to send her some love on Instagram at @temi_marie, and

Portraits of Temi by Leyla Jeyte

Group photo by Elaine G. Fancy

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