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Work It Wednesday - Steven Lee

After a little hiatus, we are officially bringing Work It Wednesday back - and better than ever! We have broadened our horizons because we realized how many inspirational GTA peeps there are from all walks of life - and are now opening up applications to entrepreneurs, influencers, innovators and even those who work at a company who are really doing something disruptive! If you're interested, be sure to hit us up at and tell us why you should be featured.

In the meantime, we interviewed Art Director, Photographer and Social Media Content Creator Steven Lee from Silhouetted Skyline. He sure doesn't just talk the talk, see for yourself how he walks the walk with his effortless fashion below, too!

1. First off, tell us a little bit about you! Who is Steven Lee?

I was born in Toronto but grew up in Mauritius, an island on the south east coast of Africa. I came back to Toronto in 2007 to go to OCAD University where I majored in Advertising. I now consider Toronto my home and cannot see myself living anywhere else in the world.

2. What’s the story behind Silhouetted Skyline?

I started Silhouetted Skyline when I was in university. At the time, blogging and street style were picking up speed and I really looked up to what Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton and Garance Doré were doing. So I decided to start my own blog where I went around the streets of Toronto and photographed people whose style caught my eye. This led to going to New York, Paris and Milan fashion weeks and shooting street style for Flare, Holt Renfrew, Hudson's Bay and Lord & Taylor, and a photo featured in Vogue Paris! After a few years of doing street style, I realized that the field was over-crowded and not very sustainable, so I stopped doing it and focused on my full-time job. The name Silhouetted Skyline has stuck and I now use it for my website and social media platforms.

3. We’re living for your daring yet wearable, and always enviable style. How would you describe your style and what inspires you?

I am very passionate about the fashion industry and follow it quite religiously. I have a few designers whom I love and support and always try my best to buy a piece from their collection every season, such as Craig Green, Dries Van Noten, Kim Jones, Thom Browne and Raf Simons. I try my best to avoid fast fashion as I dislike the blatant copying and the environmental impact that these brands have on the planet (over-production, poor-quality garments, sweatshops, etc...). I always advise people to invest in quality pieces that will last them for years and years. I also try to avoid trends which I see as just a marketing scheme to make you purchase more. Invest in pieces that you really love and that you will love wearing for a long time.

4. Your keen eye seems to allow you to seamlessly transition between fashion, food and lifestyle content creation. What’s your secret to being so versatile in the creative space?

Always keep learning. I am a huge believer in the importance of educating yourself - I am a voracious reader, I collect magazines and read all of them. I'm sure everyone who comes to my apartment leaves thinking that I'm a hoarder! I have stacks and stacks of magazines everywhere. But it's so important for me to absorb everything, to look at what other people are doing and to keep an open mind. That's the only way you are ever going to find your own voice and grow your own individual style. Also practice, practice, practice. Nothing makes you better than years of experience. Embrace your failures as they are what make you learn and be better.

5. We so admire the artistry that flows through your content - it really translates through your feed. What goes into deciding what makes it all the way from conceptualization to publishing?

I'm the worst at this actually. I always end up with 4 photos that I absolutely love and cannot pick one! It's like asking someone to pick their favourite child. This is probably why you see a lot of repeated outfit photos on my feed. It's easier when you are working directly with clients and they get to pick which one they like the most.

6. Since you shoot some of the best eats in the city, we’re dying to know some Toronto places we should check out! Any suggestions?

Some of my favourites are: The Chase Fish & Oyster, Bar Isabel, Bar Raval, Planta, Maker Pizza, Fat Pasha and Brothers. I LOVE food and will take a dinner with friends over clubbing anytime!

7. What’s next for you?

Always learning. I am in fairly happy place right now in my life, I am turning 30 very soon and looking forward to what my life in my thirties will bring. I do not understand people who freak out about their age or turning old.

8. How do you #workit everyday?

I try my best to start every day on a fresh note. I always try to leave yesterday's problems behind if possible. And I always end the day reading in bed - it can either be a book or a magazine. I find it helpful to clear my mind and gets me ready to sleep.

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