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Work It Wednesday - Jordan Quinn

Spring is bringing some fresh entrepreneurial vibes to the 'gram and we've been meeting so many awesome people across the city that we would LOVE to feature on Work It Wednesday. Being relatively new to the world of single ladies (..put your hands up! had to do it), i'd been following Jordan Quinn's Korkscrewed for some time as i've been learning to (awkwardly) navigate the dating world. And it sure has been making me feel SO much less alone in Bumble and Tinder-land. But Jordan is SO much more than JUST Korkscrewed, which is quirky, awesome and fun in itself - just like her! If you aren't acquainted with this total boss babe yet, you will be now!

1. First off, tell us a little bit about you! Who is Jordan? Hi - i'm Jordan, a 26-year-old, Toronto-based, business owner, influencer marketer, and published author. I started my niche influencer agency, socialQ a little over a year ago and now manage twelve of Canada’s top parent bloggers. My first book, Korkscrewed was released in November of 2018 and has since sold over 3000 copies.

2. What’s the story behind Korkscrewed? What inspired you to dive into the world of modern dating?

I found myself single. And so I did what any broken-hearted girl would do…. Unfriend, unfollow, untag, uncork. Typically when I put pinot to pucker, I also put pen to paper. And that’s just what I did. I wrote down every noteworthy, every cringe worthy moment of a year’s worth of mistakes, headaches and heartbreaks. I giggled at my own dating misfortunes and toasted to the men that co-starred in my tragically humorous dating narrative. With that, Korkscrewed was born. 3. We love your slogan "for the woman with the wrong taste in men but the right taste in wine." Sounds about right! If you could offer dating advice to girls who are looking for 'the one' while exploring our difficult dating scene, what would it be?

Though I’m happily committed to a wonderful guy, I’m still not so sure I’ve got the dating scene completely figured out yet! We kinda, sorta just fell into our relationship and then love. Our first date was almost six hours long. I had never had a conversation run quite so smooth or ever been so myself on a first date and every date thereafter. My advice would be to be yourself, unapologetically. Be forthcoming with what you want and don’t try and be something you’re not—advice that I’m sure your mom would give as well. But it reigns so true. I’ve played games, I’ve tried to be the cool, 'chill' girl, I’ve downplayed my feelings and intentions. It wasn’t until I was fully 'Jordan' with someone that I was able to connect on another level.

4. What is your thought process when creating new content? How do you stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends to ensure your following keeps growing?

I live and breathe social media. Every day I’m inspired by the creative minds of my talent and it encourages me to think outside the box when creating my own content. For me, often times the caption comes before the image! So my creative process is a little different than most. I send details proposals to my photographer ahead of shoot days that list a series of captions specific to the brand I am working with or featuring and from there we discuss creative photography to match. Im less concerned with growing a following and more concerned with continuing to pump out smart, humorous, witty, innovative content.

5. Let's expand a little. We know you are the President of socialQ influencer management, too. Can we say girlboss?! What is your secret to being so versatile in the creative space?

I think I’m able to remain nimble and versatile in the social space because I am able to recognize that each of my brands is appealing to a different audience. socialQ is very much a business and I utilize Instagram to co-promote my talent and the brands they work with. I’m publishing content for agencies and brands as well as other mommy bloggers. Korkscrewed on the other hand is a little more cheeky! It’s fun, it’s witty & juxtaposing I am the creator as oppose to the promoter.

6. It's clear you are a busy bee. How do you stay on top of your various business ventures and ensure you get everything accomplished at the end of the day?

You know it’s funny. I don’t get everything done by the end of the day… and I’ve needed to learn that that is okay! Part of being an entrepreneur, and one with her hand in many hats at that, is being able to manage a seemingly never-ending laundry list of to do’s. It’s important to me to never lose passion or interest in my projects and for that, I’ve accepted that sometimes things will get better attention from me tomorrow. As far as organizing a to do list, each morning I “chunk it down” as my dad would say. I write out what needs to be accomplished today, what I’d like to get done today, and what can reasonably be completed tomorrow. Then I work down that list from top to bottom. It’s the best way to set myself up for day-to-day success, because as long as I get through list a, the expectations have been met. Everything else is just a bonus.

7. What’s next for you?

2019 is going to be an exciting year for me! I have my second book launching this Novemeber. It’s a project I have co-authored with one of my influencers. It has the same humorous undertones as Korkscrewed but speaks more to where I am at in my life now. I am also releasing a wine! I have a sparkling rose coming out this May with Pelee Island Winery and to say I am excited is an understatement and a half. Im incredibly excited to be able to grow the Korkscrewed brand and a wine felt like the perfect fit.

8. How do you #workit?

The grind is daily! But it’s fueled by passion… and a little bit of wine.

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