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Graphics. Your Brand. And Why It's Important To Not Forget About It!

In the age of constantly changing technology, we now have the power to be our very own professional photographer. Gone are the days of taking photos, uploading them to your computer, editing and THEN posting - who has time for that! With the click of a button on your iPhone 7 or similar Android device, you have a gorgeous 12-megapixel shot that can be edited and published in seconds. The power of technology has made it so much easier for social media influencers, marketers, bloggers and other creative professionals to take professional shots instantly. With beautiful photos, the opportunities are limitless. For us, it means integrating our visual content on social media to not only add that dash of graphic element but to also keep our audience engaged and excited about every post. For bloggers, a fantastic flat lay could mean a new endorsement opportunity and increased web traffic. And for that fifteen-year-old social media prodigy, it could just mean one step closer to becoming that next social media star!

Whether you are posting that next big Instagram photo, pasting your favourite picture on your blog or simply taking that snap because you love photography, here are some tips on getting that perfect Kodak moment and why photography is so important in the digital age!


One of the first things that viewers connect with is visual content. After all, who doesn’t love visiting a website that has a vibrant colour scheme that is eye-grabbing and colour-popping? For me personally, if content is not eye-catching, my attention span does not last long before scrolling to the next photo on Instagram or moving on to the next website. Your viewers will respond much better to visually appealing content that compliments the post description. Which brings me to my next point!


Picking a cohesive theme is critical. Not only does it convey a strong brand but it also makes your content flow organically. If you have a bright website full of whites and colourful pastels, a static content page that is black is a big jump. It can go either really well, or you may have just lost the viewer. But hey, if you can WORK IT in, all the more power to you!


Perhaps the most difficult dilemma of the 21st century – Valencia or Ludwig. Lark or Hefe. Slumber or X-Pro II. Filters have simultaneously become a topic of conversation and a dilemma for our generation. For the longest time, Valencia was my go-to filter. There’s something about it that can take a picture to the next level. I admit, my Instagram feed was a collection of 20 different filters – until one day I realized that the “Normal” or #NoFilter was actually quite aesthetically pleasing.

Now don’t get me wrong, the “edit” button is still my favorite feature, but I noticed scrolling through my feed that there is a cleaner feng shui when you stick to the basics - this means picking one filter! Whether you choose to filter your photos or not, don’t be scared to play around with all the different apps out there (popular choices include VSCO, Facetune, Snapseed and Enlight) you never know who’s watching!


As Rihanna would say “it’s time to make that photo shine bright like a diamond!” When Instagram changed its algorithm last year, it was devastating news for digital marketers. We all know to grow your likes and followers, your hashtag choices are critical. Before the algorithm change, you could open the app and edit your hashtags throughout the day with brand new ones that would help your picture re-surface to the top of that hashtag’s feed. With the new algorithm, it doesn’t matter if you change your hashtags a couple hours after posting the photo, your photo will now always appear in the feed at the time that you originally posted it.

What does this mean for digital marketers? Now, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have quality hashtags and post your photo at the correct time to make sure your content gets maximum engagement. For instance, when integrating travel hashtags or #TBT (Throwback Thursday) in your photos from a different city, also be wary of the time difference to ensure maximum engagement. For the best times to post your photo here’s an example to ensure maximum engagement:

The evolution of photography, have given the average joe the potential to become a professional photographer with no excuse not to create engaging graphics. The time is now to take advantage of the opportunity and create visual works of art that your audience will love and engage with! Visual content is one of the first things that your audience connects with, so take some extra time to spruce up that website, learn some new techniques to make that Instagram photo pop, and make sure that perfect pic reaches its highest engagement potential. Whether it’s a stroll through the downtown core, driving down the coast with the convertible top down or stumbling on that cool piece of wall art, always make sure you have that smartphone charged and ready to go, because you never know when the next perfect Kodak moment will happen to be!

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