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Work It For The Earth

With temperatures rising and entire forests and habitats being destroyed rapidly, the team at Work It Social tries to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. With Earth Day rolling around year after year (it's tomorrow, FYI!), there are many people who make the effort on this one day but forget that it's important to be conscious of the environment, year round. In honour of Earth Day, we asked two of our amazing team members, Raphaela and Martha, how they feel about the environment! Keep reading..


Earth Day is something somewhat overlooked by the general population. I always try and recycle and make sure I never litter and turn off lights and unplug everything when I don't use them. I use a s'well water bottle instead of buying bottled water and it saves my life. I feel like if everyone was more conscious about taking care of the earth, it would go a long way. Of course, it's way bigger than all of us but sometimes the smallest steps can make the biggest difference.


Once any of my friends find out certain things about me they begin to question why they ever became friends with a crazy lady like me. I love to be outside whether it is snowing, raining, 100 degrees or tornado windy. My favourite time to explore is when I can’t sleep (here is when the questioning my friendships comes in). I take walks alone in the middle of the night, I know it may not be the greatest idea, but I’m still alive and well. It’s my favourite time to just hang out with myself and gather my thoughts. The Earth is an incredible place and I love to stay in tuned with everything around me. I like to sit on the swing at the park or take a good book and sit on a log in a forest. The smell of fresh air makes feel alive and forget all my troubles. If we don’t embrace the nature we have around us, we will take it for granted. Go for a nature hike and become in tuned with nature again. It will make you want to keep it as beautiful as it is. Do your part to keep it green.

How do you plan to keep the earth green this year?

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