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Make Your Home Office Comfortable and Motivating

Do you ever just grab your laptop and sit on the couch to work when you have a designated home office? I think we are all guilty of this but why? We do it because the couch is clearly more comfortable, but it is also a lot more distracting being surrounded by things that aren’t motivating us to do what needs to get done. We all know the problem at hand but let’s get to some solutions!

Get the Right Desk and Chair

While you may think to just get any desk works, think again: desk height is actually very important. You’ll want to make sure your desk isn’t too low to the ground so that you’re not slouching and that it isn’t too tall so you aren’t straining your wrists and neck. Make sure you are as comfortable as possible, go ahead sit at it in the store, you can thank me later!

Back pain, bad circulation, muscle cramps, what do all these things have in common? A bad chair. If you are going to be sitting at your desk for long periods of time you want to make sure you have the proper support. Make sure the backrest is comfortable and the armrests are at a good height. If you really want to change it up, keep an exercise ball in the office and substitute it in for your chair, you’d be surprised at how comfortable it really is and what it will do for your posture!


Your home office should not be somewhere that you store things that you can’t find a place to put. Start off by going through every drawer and ask yourself if each item is something you use when you are doing work in your office. Depending on what your field of work is there are certain things some people will need to keep while others will not. If there are things in there you need for other parts of your life, find a new home for them because they will just take up space and possibly distract you when you need to crack down on your work the most. I mean we are always subconsciously looking for something to help us procrastinate.

Some key pieces to hold onto are: computer (obviously), printer, lamp, paper, pens/pencils, calendar and a clock.

Once you have your necessary pieces you can move onto making the space more comfortable.

Add Some Comfort

While you need to ensure you have all your necessities you need to make sure that your office is a place you feel comfortable and motivated to be in. You want to make sure that you don’t feel frustrated by being in your office.

Lighting is key: make sure you have artificial and natural light so that it never gets too dark and you can still be connected to the outdoors.

Bring the outdoors in: bring in some plants, or even just a small potted plant on your desk to make it feel more relaxing.

Accessorize: add your favourite motivational quote in a frame on the wall, create a pretty message board so that while you are posting things to be done there at least it looks nice.

Make the space your own! Do not be afraid to add little pieces to bring motivation to your work. While you don’t want to add too much clutter you want to still make your office a pleasant environment to be in so that you can do every part to #WORKIT and do your best work. When you decide to make the most out of your office, share photos with us on Twitter!

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