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Year In Review: How We #WorkedIt In 2017

A lot can happen in a year, and that’s definitely true for us at Work It Social!

We looked back on the last 12 months and put together our favourite moments of 2017. This year was definitely one for the books, and we’re sure 2018 will be even bigger and better!

So what happened in 2017? Read on!

1. We #WorkedIt in Los Angeles

Earlier this year, our President, Christine spent several weeks in Los Angeles (you can bet the rest of us were pretty jealous!) But she didn’t just go there to soak up the California sunshine and to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

While living in LA, Christine had the chance to network, interact and spread the word about how we #workit here in Toronto with various startups and growing brands within the city’s burgeoning tech scene. Because of her experience, we got to experiment with all sorts of marketing techniques and also had the opportunity to partner with international brands in diverse stages of growth. All this adds to the value we bring to our clients, and helped set the tone for the type of brands we want to work with in the future. Thanks, LA!

2. We Started Charity Tuesday

Giving back has always been important to us, and since Work It Social’s early days, we’ve been searching for ways to get involved in the community. 2017 was the year we experimented with something called Charity Tuesday, where we donated a FREE consultation and social media strategy to a local business or non-profit in the GTA.

It ended up being such a huge success (just ask Flow Canine Wellness, one of our recipients!) that we definitely want to see this continue into the new year. It also reinforced how much positive impact we can make as a business by just giving a little of our time.

3. We Learned From The BEST

This year, we started a new initiative called #WorkItWednesday. Every week, we interview outstanding entrepreneurs and influencers within the GTA who are killing it within their respective industries. How do they #workit everyday? What are their biggest challenges? What advice do they have for their fellow entrepreneurs? We ask all these these questions and more!

We started #WorkItWednesday on a whim back in April 2017, and since then it has taken a life of its own. We’ve gone on to feature influential individuals like Jessie Baker (a true #GirlBoss and former contestant on the Bachelor Canada), Daniel Reyes of Do The Daniel (named one of Narcity’s hottest male bloggers in Toronto) and successful entrepreneur Jack Fouacre from Son Of A Woodcutter! #WorkItWednesday is just beginning, and we’re sure it will reach new heights in 2018.

4. We Went Small and Local for the Holidays

Work It Social is all about celebrating entrepreneurs and small businesses in Toronto. And what better time to shine the spotlight on these amazing brands than the holidays?

In 2017, we launched our first-ever Holiday Gift Guide, which featured 14 brands in the city and showed off their amazing products. Our gift guide included luxurious, Caribbean-inspired sugar scrubs from Island Joy, decadent meat pies from Dolly Pies, and outspoken apparel brand Not Opium. To our surprise, the gift guide ended up being a wild success, and helped solidify our passion for working with local businesses and supporting our fellow entrepreneurs. You can bet you’ll see more of these initiatives in 2018!

5. We Grew.. A LOT!

We had the pleasure to welcome several new clients this year, including The BiiZ, Savoury Chef, and Travly app. And while we did get to expand our horizons A LOT in 2017 through working with brands in the US and across Canada, we also significantly grew our client base locally within the GTA. We’re especially thankful to have welcomed amazing clients like Belcroft Estates and Toronto favourite, Boxcar Social!

In 2018, we see ourselves continuing to tap into our local roots and to focus on growing our client base within Toronto. Home is where the heart is, and our heart is definitely in the Tdot.

2017 was the year of growth, both from a personal and business level. And 2018 will bring even newer challenges and opportunities with it. We can’t wait.

What exciting things do you have planned for 2018?

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