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The Power of Partnership: SEO x Social Media Marketing

Are you familiar with the term “two heads are better than one?" Because we are - and that's why at Work It Social, we always love to take a collaborative, partner-like approach from working together to working with clients alike! In fact, we love referring back to old sayings like this during moments when we sit down to work on something new. It fuels us more in attaining our goals.

On this post, we're talking two things that work better when they are together - we're talking Bonnie and Clyde, PB&J, Jay-Z and Beyonce well: SEO and social media marketing.

Sometimes, digital marketing agencies charge separate fees or devise separate contracts for both social media and SEO, but we know it's better to tackle them together in order to achieve excellent results. If you think that we're spilling the beans here, well.. you are right! One of the biggest secrets in the world of digital marketing which some marketers don’t know (yet) is that SEO and social media are 100% related!

In a nutshell, a well-crafted social media marketing strategy leads consumers to a website. On the other hand, well-crafted SEO practices help consumers find that website, engage with its content and visit other links and platforms shared on the site (including social media!) That’s what we call— the power of partnership.

Allow us to digest this lines for you especially if you are a business owner who is fairly new to the world of digital marketing.

It is easy to assume that SEO and social media are two different entities with distinct goals but at Work It Social, we let our clients know upfront that SEO and organic social media marketing must work together to create value and provide relevance to their audience. We always do our best to ameliorate both SEO and social media to achieve ultimate business success.

Here’s a rundown on how we make it happen:

  • We create high-quality keyword-optimized content for our clients and then use social media to push out SEO-based content. Once our clients audience reads it, the engagement metrics will show relevant value to search engines. It is a simple indication that SEO and social media are working together!

  • When people stick around to read our content, that’s when we take full advantage of social media and push them to promote our top quality content by sharing it on different social media platforms. If done religiously, this in itself can help increase engagement.

  • Together with SEO and social media, we proceed to link building, and lastly

  • Establish a strong online presence for our client by consistently providing them with high-quality content and increase engagement over time.

To wrap up this post, SEO works way better together with social media in bringing more visitors to your site.

Do you use SEO the right way? Do you need help learning how to start? Book a free consultation with us today!

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