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Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: The Great Debate


Even though livestreaming has been around since the webcam, it’s become more popular in recent years with the rise of pioneers like Periscope and Meerkat (RIP!) With the birth and immediate popularity of Snapchat, users realized they really loved letting others know their business! Interacting with friends, family and even trolls we’ve never met before lets us share every little tidbit of our lives - from offering an opinion on the way to work to alcohol-infused celebrations at the bar. Between snapping random selfies with the Hello Kitty filter and unnecessarily long ‘Snapchat rants’ from your favourite beauty gurus, Snapchat is definitely considered one of the most used mobile applications of our time.

Where Snapchat gives us the ability to be ourselves, Instagram offers the chance to share carefully curated photos with the world. From gaining likes and views to transforming your personal Instagram to a business account, Instagram continues to be revolutionary - hello, Instagram Stories! Dubbed in the social media streets as ‘Snapchat 2.0’, Instagram Stories allows users to bring their photos to life, offering an almost behind-the-scenes look at their lives. Along with Instagram Stories came Instagram LIVE, giving users the chance to communicate with their followers at any time of the day. Instagram LIVE will soon be available across North America and maybe even globally, offering an extra edge to users that want everyone to see them make their famous vegan DIY face masks ‘LIVE’. As we dive further into our comparison, we’re wondering, can Instagram Stories REALLY compete with Snapchat?


Now the real question is, which is better? Both applications are two separate entities that end up doing the same thing: keeping everyone in the know about your life. We’ve decided it was easier to see the comparison between Instagram Stories/LIVE and Snapchat in a chart like below. This is what we came up with.


Snapchat and Instagram are both successful social media platforms with the ability to cater to everyone, everywhere. In terms of one being better than the other, it is up to you to decide which application is going to bring your brand the most success.

Ask yourself the following questions: 1. How do you want your audience to view you or your business? 2. Which application is the most appropriate when communicating to your followers/viewers or possibly clients? Answering them honestly will help prepare you to begin documenting your social journey.

Now don’t even front, we’ve all seen those memes labelling Instagram as the more polished and attractive application, compared to Snapchat showcasing ‘the real you’. Whether that’s true or not, Snapchat will always be there when we capture the good, the bad and the ugly (rather, the sometimes cringey faces we make until we find that right filter). It will be our outlet to get real and personal with our audience, creating intimate connections that will last longer than 24 hours, even when our stories don’t. Instagram Stories will offer the opportunity to continue the stories beyond our photographs and videos. It encourages people to be real and honest, but at the same time, mindful of those that are viewing and liking.


This is only the beginning for livestreaming on social media. If you think it’s best to keep your life experiences private, let’s just say you might need to re-evaluate your online presence. Chalk it up to nosiness, but the FOMO is more real than ever.

Both Snapchat and Instagram Stories make that possible in their own ways. You may even decide to use both platforms based on how (or who) you want to deliver your content. Whether you’re documenting your daily food journey or offering late night advice in your pjs, both apps are there to keep the conversation going. Now, for arguments sake - which platform will your brand choose and why?

Photo Cred: Digital Glue


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